The Hunt
Lighting design for immersive performance art.

I’m part of a three-person team who combine industrial noise, live performance and lights to create a dark and shifting world that disrupts the comforts of the human realm. I have come up with creative solutions for set design, lighting and some overall art direction. With all elements combined we hope to transport people to a place of mystery and chaos. We have performed at Conduit Arts, Neon Parlour and Testing Grounds and are about to take up a residency at Testing Grounds this year to develop our concept further. Final image is a diagram I created to document¬†lighting positions.

Video recording of performance at Neon Parlour, 2016

Image credits: (From top to bottom) Sofie Perillo, Peter Dowd, Jason Heller, Kurt Eckhardt, Jason Heller, Kurt Eckhardt.